Olaplex no.3 Hair Protetor REVIEW


Hello, guys! Im the type of person that would rather do my makeup than do my hair. When it comes to styling my hair, I hardly ever do it. Because it is so thick and difficult to straighten/curl it myself, my hair is 99% of the time in a bun or ponytail just to keep it out of my face. I have my moments when I wear it lose, generally two days after washing. So in the hair department, I like finding products that make it easier for me to wear my hair natural.


Mandy’s Facial Hair Removal Cream | REVIEW

Mandy's Facial Hair Removal Cream REVIEW

On the fence with this one!

Ever since puberty hit, I’ve always had peach fuzz on my face, mostly on my top lip and cheeks. For a person that wears makeup given out of seven days of the week, my skin always looked textured. My foundation always got caught in my peach fuzz and would oxidize through out the day. Not a very pretty sight.

One day I saw the famous Cara Fay post a photo of this Mandy’s hair removal cream on Instagram and had to go out and purchase it. I got the type mede to remove facial hair so that it wouldn’t irritate my skin.


1.Apply a thin layer of the Skim Protect Balm on the skin, ensuring the balm is absorbed well.

2.Immediately apply the hair removal cream to the skin. Do not rub in. After 10 minutes, remove well with lukewarm water, ensuring all traces of product is removed. Pat dry.

Price: R 47.95 (15ml + 15ml)

In the box, you get two squeeze tubes of products labeled Skin Protect Balm #1 and Facial Hair Removal Cream #2.

I love how simple the instructions are to follow. Would be great if brands can start making the font on their boxes larger for visually impaired people, but what can you do? (Rolls eyes)

The Skim Protect Balm is a clear gel and smells kind of cinnamony. It absorbs very quickly.

I absolutely HATE the way the Facial Hair Removal Cream smells. It just stinks! If you have ever used normal leg hair removal cream before and smelled how bad that is, it smells exactly the same. Makes me wonder if there is any difference between the Facial Hair Removal Cream and the ordinary Hair Removal Cream that you can use on your legs and arms. The smell remains on your skin once you have washed the cream off but I used my face wash to remove the smell as well. While on my skin, it does have a burning sensation, but not unbearable. I’m glad to say it did not break me out at all. AMEN for that.

I leave it on for ten minutes. When I remove it, my skin is red where the cream was, just like when you wax your skin. I wouldn’t recommend you put this on acne, it hurts like crazy! I mostly enjoy using this on my nose as that is the most difficult area for me to wax/shave/pluck. On certain parts of my face, my skin is left sensitive and sore.

Despite the horrendous smell of the cream, it actually works. Removes 95% the hair and it doesn’t grow back prickly like it would if you shaved the hair.

For the price, I feel like they could give you more product I’m the squeeze tubes, especially with the Facial Hair Removal Cream tube. You use a lot more of that than the Skin Protect Balm.

Above all negatives, I will probably keep using this as a hair removal method for my peach fuzz on my nose and keep repurchasing it.

If any of you have tried to use ordinary Hair Removal Cream on your face instead of your legs and found that it works the same, please let me know in the comments section.

You can find Mandy’s products at any Dis-Chem stores.

OnQ Makeup Workshop Hosted By Fancy Face PE 


Hello, peeps!! I had the privilege of being invited to attend the OnQ Makeup Workshop on 26 August. This workshop was hosted by Fancy Face PE at the Tramways Building.

I was so excited when I woke up the day of the workshop. Makeup has been a big part of my life for the past 6-7 years so going to an event where the main topic of conversation is makeup blows my fricken mind!

The workshop was taught by Qaanita Abrahams, founder, and owner of OnQ Makeup. I really did not know what to expect with regards to the content of the workshop. It was, no doubt, for someone with little to no makeup knowledge. She taught the basics of doing a full face of makeup. From skincare to choosing the correct foundation shade for your skin tone. To be honest, I didn’t learn anything new but it was great to refresh my memory and get back to basics.

There were 20 of us attending the class. As Quaanita was doing the models makeup and explaining the correct way to apply a certain makeup product, we followed along and did our own makeup. After she explained something, she went around and helped anyone who was battling. I loved that she used simple terms that everyone will be able to understand. On our table was an OnQ note book and pen for us to take notes, SO CUTE!!!! I would love to attend one of the OnQ’s more advanced makeup workshops or even master classes.

The building the class was held at had extremely poor lighting so I felt uncomfortable doing my makeup there but it didn’t turn out a complete flop. All the ladies seemed to enjoy it and learn the correct way of doing makeup.

My favorite part was the goodie bags!  Inside was replicas of MAC lipstick and lip liner sponsored by Facy Face PE, samples of Luscious bath and body products, 20% off voucher to NAILED nail salon, Glamore voucher and 10% off OnQ lashes. If you know me you know I like free stuff!

If you are a beginner to makeup I recommend you do the OnQ Makeup workshop. Quaanita puts straight all those old wives tails when it comes to makeup and shows you the correct way to choose colors/brushes and apply makeup.

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